Makinov X University of Roehamption

D.O.T.S. or Dreams of Time and Space, is an organisation of agents from schools around the country that monitor dream storms to fix the problems of troubled dreamers from the past!

We have been working with the University of Roehampton in developing this augmented reality learning resource for Key Stage 1 & 2. Students are presented with a transmission that interrupts their lesson to explain the dangers of dream storms and how to deal with them. They are then tasked with building their own dream catcher, deciphering the identity of a troubled dreamer, and working out a way to fix their dream and thereby their dilemma.

We produced 6 transmissions presented by D.O.T.S. Director D3 and instructional videos explaining what a Dream Storm is, how to build a Dream Catcher and positve and negative dreams of the historical figure with a catalogue of stock footage for the students to utilise.