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Garden’s Illustrated at the Chelsea Flower Show

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I recently got to work with the editors of Garden’s Illustrated on their first foray into video content with their iPad edition.  They’ve been selling a tablet version of the magazine for a while, but Chelsea Flower Show gave them the ideal opportunity to expand their digital venture into video.  We created several pieces exclusive to the iPad edition over a 3 day visit to the show.  Starting on the Sunday while the finishing touches were being applied to the many wonderful gardens, we were able to speak to many of the shows top designers about their creations and take a look at the show from an angle you don’t always get to see with the usual coverage.  Speaking not just to the designers, but exhibitors and the shows director Sue Biggs too.  It was a great, busy three days of filming before hitting the edit to pull the stories together.  It was great to be able to see an event like CFS in such detail that you may not ordinarily get to see as a regular visitor walking through the gate, and even on the third day I found myself seeing things I’d completely missed on previous days.  It really is an incredible display of design and creativity and I’m proud to have been able to help a successful title such as Garden’s Illustrated to expand its content and move into video.

The June issue of Garden’s Illustrated, including the exclusive CFS video content is available now on Newsstand and is priced £1.99.

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